Week One of Term One!

Hello Friends,

Here is a recap of our week in the words of our three amazing class teachers; Tr. Darlison (Year 1), Tr. Juliet(Year 2) and Tr. Maureen(Year 3).

Year 1

It has been a pleasure teaching in Year 1. We’ve started the term so well with 5 children; Shepherd, Aarna, Mia, Chloe and Katie.

Our focus this week has been to mainly get to know each other and my task as a teacher was to establish the level of each student.

It has been exciting! Children have actively participated in all areas like leading prayers during devotion, recognizing numbers both forward and backwards.

Year 2

I am excited to have Norlan and Mikayla in Year 2. We have interacted during our lessons and they are both full of potential.

I thank parents for playing an active part in their learning and their positive participation has been very important throughout the week

We have worked successfully this week however; there is still a high demand for creating a school environment at home as they are easily distracted.   

There have been a few hiccups with the internet connection but I’m sure all will be well by next week.

Year 3

Ziva joined on Wednesday and it has been a pleasure getting to know her and working with her.

She is very brilliant and actively takes part in class discussions.

School Administration

On the whole, our term has started very successfully and we are excited for the days ahead. There have been a few challenges here and there like for example, lessons have at times been hindered by poor network connection. However, we are hopefully that this will not prevail much longer.

We would like to advise that all students work on joining classes on time. Parents could also work on reducing distractions around students when lessons are being conducted.

Next week is going be fun packed with lots of new lessons and adventures for our students. We are excited about it already!



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