Week Two!

Hello Friends,

Week two was so much fun! We dived right into it and learnt so much while at it.

Year One:

Children in year 1 are actively participating in our class discussions.

There were many engaging activities in class this week. We had so much fun in math’s counting our numbers .

In Science, we learnt so much about plants and it was incredibly exciting for the children.

 However, we have some challenges with spellings; please keep encouraging students to practice in order to develop the skill.

Year Two:

Children have exhibited a lot of warmth and enthusiasm this week.

We have emphasized reading for meaning and comprehension during our lessons. 

We are gradually working on spelling and writing challenges.

It’s very impressive that all students have attended class throughout the week. 

Year Three:

This has been an incredibly productive week for us.

We have settled into some routines now and are getting much out of our days.

School Administration:

Parents are reminded to please get resources needed by students in lessons i.e. notebooks, workbooks, pencils, erasers for the smooth running of our lessons.

All activities done this week have been uploaded on to the subject teams.

We love you and we are looking forward to conquering week three with you.


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