Parents Handbook

Grace Project International School: Transforming Lives Through Missions

1. ADMISSION – The school welcomes children of all races, creeds, and colors for enrollment. Agreement for enrollment, signed by the parents or persons responsible for the student together with registration fee, Tuition fee, must be received by the school prior to the students’ admission.

2. LUNCHES AND SNACKS – Lunch and Snack food will be provided by the school. Please nutritious Food ONLY when you pack special snack for your children.

3. HEALTH, MEDICAL FORMS – Medical report from the doctor and a Vaccination Card must be submitted before admittance.

4. TARDINESS AND ABSENCES – All students are expected to be on time. A LATE START MEANS SOMETHING MISSED, AND THE MORNING HOURS ARE ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO THE CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT. When a student is to be absent, please call the school. (0789 201 954)

5. LIABILITY – ILLNESS AND INJURY – Although the school is equipped to give minor first aid, it does not assume responsibility for any accident or sickness incurred during the time a student is enrolled in the school. In order to provide protection to other students, parents are requested to notify the school at one in the case of contagious disease which other students may contact.

6. CLOTHING – Children should be sent in comfortable, sturdy, washable clothing that permits the necessary freedom to participate in all activities, without undue concern for spills, spots, etc. Clothing that is easy to manage, such as: Front openings, simple fastenings, large loose buttons, or easy zippers, encourage independence and self-help. Children take great pride in being able to dress and undress without help, and many toilet accidents are prevented if children can unbutton, unbuckle, unsnap, or zip without a struggle. All clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name.
Any item of clothing sent home with your child by mistake (or borrowed from the school) should be returned as promptly as possible.

7. LOST TEACHING MATERIAL – Occasionally, small pieces of school teaching materials (beads, cubes, cylinders, blocks, etc.) find their way into the children’s pockets, fists, or lunch boxes. This is the child’s way of making a closer connection between home and school environment, and should be dealt with delicately. We ask only that you check for these items and send them back to us when found.

8. DISMISSALS– Any pupil whose influence upon his fellow students is considered detrimental to their welfare is subject to dismissal. Any student who refuses or whose parent refuse to comply with the rules and regulations of Grace Project International School are subject to dismissal.

9. DISCIPLINE – Discipline should be viewed as an aid to learning proper behavior. Not as a punishment. Minor disciplinary problems will be directly handled by the teacher and directness. If a major discipline or behavior problem develops a conference will be arranged for the teacher and parents, at which time the problem and possible solutions will be discussed.

10. DAMAGE TO SCHOOL PROPERTY– Please be advised, any damage to facility or preschool or teaching materials, equipment may result in a charge to the parents.

11. BIRTHDAY – We will celebrate all birthdays with one schoolwide party each month. We will provide birthday gifts and a very happy time during the school hours. We welcome birthday cakes, snacks, drinks by parents.

12. NAPS – All children who remain for full day program (until 5:30pm) are required to nap or rest on our mats. Parents need to furnish a clean mat sheet and blanket. These should be taken home weekly and washed.

13. PICK UP TIMES – All children should be strictly picked up before 5:30pm. (Half day program : Before 1:30pm)If the school continues to experience late pickups, a late-pickup-fee to compensate the overtime worked by teachers will be introduced.

Parents Handbook

Feel free to download or printout this handbook. We have made a printable PDF copy that you can easily get a copy on your computer or smartphone off this website.

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