Pre-School Curriculum

Our program is designed to meet a wide range of a child’s educational developmental needs. Our monthly curriculum themes get broadened with mathematics, science, social activities, sensory development for each age group.

We also have an overseas great amount of updated and relevant teaching materials that we utilize through age appropriate activities to fulfill our objectives

We present to your child the concepts of mathematics by the use of logical, exciting and easy to understand methods.

Each maths concept has a concrete object to symbolize it. As we employ these teaching materials your child’s understanding smoothly takes place.

Our concrete apparatus enhances a child to understand the concepts of fractions, ovoids, squares and this promotes a smooth transition to the primary school level.

We operate with sensorial teaching materials that activate the sensory impressions that are surrounding our students.

This helps our students to smoothly understand the ideas about characterizing, categorizing and organizing. Each item from our teaching materials separates a single quality of sense.

This includes things like color, size, weight, shape, texture and sound. Furthermore our materials also stimulate vocabulary building.

We are surrounded by the world of science and almost everything we do has a scientific explanation. We see a reason that substantiates our need to expose children to the world of science.

For that particular reason, we have a wide variety age appropriate scientific instruments on our science corner for children to start being familiar with.

This ranges from scales, binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses, the labeled human system and so much more.

This is one of our strong areas of function. We introduce our students to recorders so they can identify musical key sounds.

The next step is preparing them for pianos and in this we make use of fun piano-like melodeons.

This helps the kids to practically get the piano keys in their fingers and mind prior to being introduced to real pianos.

Our students get to learn an unlimited amount of art works from crafts, drawing, painting and so much more.

We also highly aim to develop creativity skills on our students. On this we make use of modernized Legos that stimulates creativity and problem solving.

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Our outdoor daily activities all incorporate games and plays that develop children’s gross motor skills.

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