Enrollment Form

All fields marked with * are required and this form can’t be submitted without them filled. For any inquires regarding this form, enrollment, additional documents, please send them to:

  • admin[@]gpisu.com
  • +256 393 248 239
  • +256 772 735 778

For the best experience, fill in this form using a desktop computer.

If yes, please list school(s), dates and reason for leaving in this section.
Eg, 1. First sibling and date of birth, 2. Second sibling and date of birth...

Registration Pre-requisites 

1. Copy of Birth Certificate
2. Copy of Vaccination card
3. One Passport size photo
4. UGX 300,000 registration fee paid once and Non-refundable
5. Medical report from the Doctor (Please see the template to be filled by the Physician attached to the enrolment form)

Requirements after successfully being registered

1. 1 Toothbrush and toothpaste
2. 1 Small hand towel
3. Some diapers (only if the student is still in diapers)
4. 1 Pack wet tissue
5. 1 Extra pair of clothes (to be packed daily)
6. 1 Pair of slipper or crocs (to be kept at school)
7. 2 Small blankets for covering when they take a nap (to be sent home every Friday)

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