GAP Kayunga’s 1st rescue home construction

Greetings friends

We are happy to announce that the construction of our first rescue home in Kayunga is underway. The construction started in October 2019 and is expected to be finished in January 2020.

A blessed and faithful church in the work of the Ministry of the Lord “One Love Church” located in the US , is building this foster home. We praise God so much for this partnership.

Due to a huge number of infants and children that are being abandoned, we felt the urge extend the ministry into rescue mission. Each of these 3 bedroom houses we are building will house about eight children and one mother who nurtures these children spiritually and physically. The idea is to give these children a real life time opportunity to safe shelter, effective parenthood, good education and most importantly, a godly upbringing.

Of our plans to build 3-4 rescue homes in our Kayunga land, one home can now be counted to be almost done and 2-3 homes are remaining. Thanks to One Love Church. We are still inviting churches, friends and partners to join us in changing the lives of abandoned children in Kayunga.

If God has put it in your hearts to be part and parcel what’s happening here in Uganda, please feel free to reach us.

Bless you all friends. Will be back soon updating you also about the Kayunga chapel construction.

Shawn and Shinah

Rescue home architectural plan
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